Do I need Cyber Security Software

Cyber Security Software

Cyber Security Software

Cyber Security Software is needed in today’s online world due to the increasing cyber-attacks on companies and individuals.

You may be asking, what is Cyber Security and why do I need it? Cyber crime can impact companies in many different ways. Included are distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS), Ransomware, to stealing client and supplier confidential data. 

Companies can hold millions of client records, financial data and transactions, because of this it becomes a rich source of information for hackers to exploit. Hackers target system weaknesses, process and procedure flaws, and uneducated staff to name a few therefore, these are the key areas to protect. In short, the end goal for the cyber criminal is usually financial gain from directly exploiting or selling data. However some forms of attack are to disrupt your company from trading, this could be by taking down your ecommerce website.

Cyber Security Risk

Understanding that almost everyone has something a cyber criminal can steal and exploit are fundamentals for the cyber security mindset. Unfortunately many individuals and companies are still locked in the mind set of “it wont happen to me”. In reality the scale of attacks are expanding and the impact intensifying. 

At the same time the growing volume of mobile devices such as phones and tablets (IOT Internet of Things) that connect to company networks is increasing risk. IOT has therefore increased hacker entry points, and with fast internet and storage capabilities, files or indeed a database can back up mobile devices or the cloud in seconds. 

Equally important is the growing reliance on third party support, who could then sub contract out to a fourth party.  Un-vetted third parties can pose a risk as companies could introduce the very people the Anti virus software is trying to keep out! . Data maybe stolen and sold, held to ransom, defaced and destroyed or a back door left in for future access.

The Impact of Cyber Crime

Reported financial impact to individuals and companies amounts to $TRILLIONS and can take many forms..  
  • Theft from banks accounts (Financial cost)
  • Sale of data or company IP (Loss of competitive advantage)
  • Client information breach (Loss of trust and client base thus turnover. Potential compliance / regulatory fine)
  • Drop in shareholder value (Liquidity)
  • Cyber Crime can go undetected for years  at which time the financial impact can stop companies trading
  • Increased expense to resolve (Financial)
  • Negative impact on reputation. (As much time and money you spend advertising, each google search will inevitably link to the cyber breach story) 
  • GDPR and Data Privacy breaches
  • Mental health impacts on staff and owners

Does Anti Virus Software Stop Cyber Crime?

Implementing a known and trusted anti virus software solution goes a long way to stop malware from loading on to a device or unauthorised access. However, once compromised disabling a devices Anti-Virus will allow malware to run. With this in mind undetectable new threats may pass through the Anti Virus software. 

Cyber threats can materialise from both external and internal parties. With connected devices (IOT) also a threat, mis-configured Anti Virus/Malware/firewall rules leave a networks vulnerable. Datplan, partnered with ESET as an authorised re-seller offer their award winning Internet security products, contact us directly for latest prices and deals. Phishing is another way criminals compromise systems and bypassing antivirus software.

How does Datplan Help Stop Cybercrime?

Datplan understands that implementing a quality malware product is just the first step in securing your company. For this reason Datplan introduced Cyber Control allowing companies access to robust cyber security project plan and tools. The project plan can be customised to meet the companies and individuals requirements. Giving detailed cyber risk and management papers in 8 key risk areas the company can learn and adopt best practice in cyber protection. Cyber Control is a comprehensive but easy to use cyber security solution.

As discussed earlier in this post;  Cyber breach’s can take months if not years to identify as threats can come from backdoor entry or internal sources which will pass security tests. Cyber Control software solution includes transaction fraud reporting suite to flag any suspicious transaction activity. Forensic accounting and Audit analytic rules catch threats at the outset. Additional functions ensuring documents are password protected and passwords used are outside of the most regularly used to aid in GDPR compliance.

The free download trial of Cyber Control is available to get your cyber security protection started. To read more in depth on cyber security and risk management our ebook publications are also available.


Cyber Security Software is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it is essential. Just as you put a lock on your front door, this is only effective to the causal thief.  Cars as well as properties now have immobilisers, Alarms and CCTV to stop the more determined and criminal. Don’t let personal or business assets be an easy target, today’s cyber criminals don’t lurk in the shadows at night, they could jut sit with a laptop in your local coffee shop!!!

Datplan – 2019: Datplan has been providing cyber security, fraud detection and data analysis services for over 20 years in the finance and insurance sector.