Cyber Security Risk Control Software

Cyber security software solutions and also knowledge are key for protecting business assets and client data from both internal and external threats. Because of this Datplan offers Cyber protection, software, books and blogs helping safeguard businesses and individuals.

Datplan has supported the finance and insurance sector for over 20 years identifying cyber crime and fraud risk. With estimated global costs reaching $3 trillion, implementing data protection and cyber security solutions has now become essential.

For this reason Datplan introduced Cyber Control. Allowing established companies and startups, protection with a robust cyber security framework model and project plan. At a granular level Cyber Control also contains fraud detection tools catching high risk transactions.

Password reviews with file protection analysis aid compliance with data privacy and GDPR.

A free software trial of Cyber Control can be downloaded to work alongside your organisations current Cyber Security policy and procedures.

Cyber Security Software

Fraud Detection and Cyber Crime:

Cyber Crime and fraud is a threat to all organisations from both internal and external parties. Because of this, cyber security software should make up part of a security plan protecting against malicious attack.

Just as a company would install a lock on a door, an alarm system and CCTV for protection. Computers, networks and devices need just as much multi service protection.

Important to realise, Cyber Criminals are not comng out at night hiding in the shadows, cyber crime is a worldwide 24 hours a day threat. Because of this, more people now realise that relying on only anti-virus software is like only relying on a door lock to protect their property from access.

Cyber Security Considerations

Not always considered are the unseen threats such as external parties that have gained backdoor access to a network . Likewise, internal staff fraud can also pose huge threats because this can go unnoticed for years while they defraud a company. For this reason, these risks should be monitored and identified and corrected ensuring assets are not lost, data privacy is upheld. As a result of adopting these security measures a company’s good reputation and brand will remain.

Cyber Control Software

Datplan’s approach offers a cyber security software solution giving the user overviews of 8 key cyber risk areas, their threats, and risk management steps. Additionally, cyber security white papers and pre-populated, editable project plan listing allows an immediate start on implementing cyber security best practice process and procedures.

As mentioned, financial fraud is also a key indicator of cyber crime. Therefore, Datplan’s Cyber security software also includes a full fraud detection package and reporting suite. Utilising forensic accounting techniques such as Benford’s law and Chi^2 fraudulent. Running over MS excel, Access and CSV files, Cyber Control can analyse hundreds to millions of transaction’s. Typical data types used are expense, income and payroll data. Therefore, running weekly or monthly data scans can catch a threat at the start.

Data Privacy and GDPR is now a compliance essential and a must have. Cyber Control gives system reviews and also checks areas for potential threats. File scans can be run to ensure files are protected and not accessible by unauthorised individuals. Files can also be strength tested to ensure they are protected against the most commonly used passwords.

Because of these threats Cyber Control is the tool to sit with your existing protection software such as anti-virus and firewalls. Ensuring all round protection, Cyber Control gives a full understanding of cyber threats and risk management strategies.

Control your cyber risk today with a free cyber security software trial download, or see our cyber risk ebook publications. 

Cyber Security Software

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