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cyber security software for small business

Cyber threats for small business are one of the greatest internet security threats for small business and start ups. While SMB’s specialise in their business sector they often fail to secure their IT networks and comply with data privacy laws.

Datplan offers within Cyber Control a small business cyber security plan and template ensuring strong Cyber protection. Start up and small business find Datplan’s approach perfect to suit their growing business, while medium sized business use the project plans to update and enhance existing controls.

 Cyber Security best practice is a must to avoid regulatory fines and keep client confidence. Any cyber security breach in a small business could end their trading ambitions.

Please contact us above for any information or read our publications for a greater cyber security insight. Aimed at providing cyber security protection and plans for small and Medium sized companies but offering Fraud detection powerful enough for enterprise use.

project management cyber security checklist

Cyber Security Project Plan

A key strategy for a successful cyber protection policy is a project management cyber security checklist. Datplan’s Cyber Security Software contains a comprehensive project management plan enabling immediate start implementing. 

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