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Cybersecurity Software:

- CyberSecurity Software Free Trial

- Cyber Protection Framework Template

- Risk Management Project Plan

- File Security Review and Test

- Fraud Detection Software module

- Data Privacy Risk Reporting Suite

- System Vulnerability Overview

Cybersecurity software and Fraud Detection

Cybersecurity software and Fraud Detection by Datplan fits alongside existing malware products giving maximum protection against internal and external threats. Designed with the scope of broad protection Cyber Control gives the following benefits: 

Allows quick implantation of a cyber risk management template and framework along with the pre populated project plan. The project plan covers over 100 cybersecurity protection points, therefore giving companies the means to adopt a full cybersecurity framework. Equally important are the staff who are are the front line in identifying and stopping potential network breaches such as phishing. Because of this, education materials for training guides are also included in Datplan’s cybersecurity software for comprehensive knowledge. 

The file and system security module reviews access control which aids compliance with data privacy and therefore GDPR.

Any type of financial crime will leave transaction trails, with this in mind, the fraud detection suite flags high risk transactions. As a matter of urgency flagged transactions should be reviewed. Backdoor hacks or internal exploitation can go unnoticed for years, for this purpose fraud detection tools are a must have for early identification. Companies are realising that cyberSecurity Software is a must have in their internet security risk management.

Fraud Detection: 

As mentioned above; detecting fraud is a major component in cybersecurity and cyber crime review and because of this Cyber Control includes a comprehensive detection suite . Interestingly, compromised networks can take months to years before detection and so highlighting fraudulent transactions reduces financial impact.  In-fact many companies identify fraud when a great financial loss has occurred. In summary fraud control  allows the introduction of proactive steps from the start to stop, identify, and catch the criminal . Failing to act on, or identify high risk transactions can cost thousands to millions depending on the duration of the crime. As well as the reporting suite Cyber Control utilises Benford’s Law to detect transaction fraud, this can be run over expense, invoice and bank statements.

System Overview: 

Anti Virus protection is a well known security solution and so Cyber Control reviews the system to ensure any Anti virus is, installed and up to date. Other system reviews are include port scans and USB open/closed status which is a vulnerability often exploited by cyber criminals.

Cybersecurity Education and Project Plan Template: 

Datplan’s Cybersecurity software tool gives an understanding of cybersecurity and also project plan implementation which is needed for a robust framework. For this reason Cyber Control provides education material on 8 key cybersecurity points to secure the company. Included for an immediate start is a pre-populated and editable cyber risk project plan template. Because of this all risk areas can be reviewed, understood and controlled.

A free trial download is available to test how Cyber Control can help benefit current Cybersecurity policies.

For additional Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and GDPR information Datplan has a range of books available from Amazon or Google Play.

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