Best Anti Virus 2020

Best Anti Virus 2020

Best Anti Virus 2021 Summary

2020 is expected to be another year that reports increased cyber attacks. One of the fundamentals in Cyber Security is installing Anti Virus Software.  Below are listed some of the top anti virus software solutions along with, what they offer, summary, and any negative feedback. 

Control your cyber threat, stay safe, stay smart with our Best Anti Virus 2021 review!  

Norton 360 Deluxe Anti Virus

  • ONGOING PROTECTION Install protection for up to 3 PCs, Macs, iOS & Android devices:A card with product key code are sent by post 
  • REAL TIME THREAT PROTECTION Advanced security that helps defend against existing and emerging malware to your devices, and helps protect private and financial information once online
  • SECURE VPN: Browse anonymously and securely with a no log VPN; Add bank grade encryption to help keep private information like passwords and bank details secure.
  • DARK WEB MONITORING Powered by LIFELOCK monitoring and notifying if personal information are found on the Dark Web
  • 50GB SECURE PC CLOUD BACKUP Automatic, secure PC cloud backup; store and help protect important files as a preventative measure to hard drive failures, stolen devices and even ransomware
  • AUTO RENEWAL Never have a service disruption since this product auto renews annually

Anti Virus Summary

Norton 360 Deluxe as with previous versions does not lead the field with it’s threat detection rate. That being said the sheer volume of tools this product delivers makes for an impressive security solution.

The software includes: Anti-spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware protection, PC Cloud Backup, Smart Firewall, Password Manager , Parental Controls (PC/smartphone only), Secure VPN, PC SafeCam and Dark Web Monitoring powered by LifeLock. Because of this impressive array of features Norton 360 Deluxe becomes a wise purchase.

There has been criticism when installing on older Window operating systems but most should upgrade windows to aid security. 

A solid product from the Norton team and easy inclusion in the Best Anti Virus 2020 list! 

Kaspersky Total Security

  • Kaspersky Total Security 2020,  includes antivirus and firewall to protect devices from virauses, attacks and malware
  • Activation codes post in a Kaspersky Standard box with detailed instructions for installing the product 
  • Protects PC, Mac and Android phones and tablets
  • Secure Connection Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Protects families against viruses, attacks, fraud, spyware, cybercrime and more
  • Privacy protection – by blocking, phishing, spying and online behaviour tracking
  • Automatically adds extra security when online shopping or banking.
  • Includes Kaspersky Safe Kids – to protect kids on PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • Password Manager securely stores website & account passwords – for easy access from all devices.
  • Safeguards precious photos, music & memories – with backup copies & encryption

Anti Virus Summary​

The powerful and proven Anti Virus engine and loyal following of users keeps Kaspersky in the best anti virus 2020 list. The clean basic design can hide away the strength of this product, however, with one of the highest detection rates this makes for a solid investment. 

There are various Kaspersky products to choose from, because of this recommendations are a product version review take place before purchase. While Total Security will benefit most users not all the modules compete with the top competition. Be aware of up-selling of premium features such as the VPN data limits and the fact Windows devices don’t support all features.

The Elephant in the room:  The Russian government had reportedly used the Moscow company’s software to steal sensitive data from American intelligence agents. Kaspersky has denied these allegations however it is worth mentioning. True or just a smear campaign from rival companies is up for debate.  Kaspersky Lab has introduced independent reviews and software verification’s in light if this.

McAfee Total Protection

  • AWARD WINNING ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE: Defence against viruses and online threats with a combination of cloud based and offline protection for privacy, identity and devices
  • KEEP CHILDREN SAFE: Helping connected kids build good digital habits with Safe Family parental controls. Review their online habits, see their physical location and other info to keep kids safe
  • IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION: McAfee Identity Theft Protection includes auto renewal activation, staying ahead of identity thieves with always on monitoring, 24/7 support and more
  • CROSS DEVICE PROTECTION: Peace of mind for all devices, Protect PCs, Macs, and mobile devices through a convenient online portal, using just one subscription

Anti Virus Summary​

McAfee is one of the best known anti virus providers with a successful track record protecting both individuals and enterprise devices. A clear clean interface makes for an easy user experience, however the pop up nag screens are intrusive.

The VPN not included in our test software despite being advertised as such however the suite consists of:

  • Antivirus
  • Cryptojacking protection
  • Web browsing protection
  • Password manager
  • Parental controls
  • System optimisation tools
  • Anti-spam
  • File vault (encrypted storage)
  • VPN, (top package)

 The footprint is small and so avoids device slow down when running however there is some set up required that is not immediately obvious. Regular scan times may need to set along with tweaking of additional default settings.

If you can live with the intrusive pop up screens and are comfortable with initial set-up McAfee becomes a top choice, else one of the other products would be better suited. 

ESET NOD 32 Anti Virus

  • Multi-layered security that protects online privacy and identity. Rock-solid protection for everyday web users, giving protection 24/7.
  • Regain control of webcam and routers – Get an alert when anyone tries to access a webcam.
  • Stay safe from ransomware – Blocks malware that tries to lock out personal data and then asks to pay a ‘ransom’ to unlock it.

Anti Virus Summary​

ESET provide one of the smallest footprints of the anti virus solutions reviewed and therefore has the smallest impact on device performance.

The basic package includes strong malware protection for devices and other features to keep the average home user secure. However, ESET have a suite of products available to meet any business or individuals needs. Contact us for more on each of these products. 

While ESET Nod32 may offer up one of the cheapest solutions the amount starts to increase as do the additional modules meaning compare the packages against the competition before purchase.

The purpose designed gaming system AV software is a worthy purchase for any PC gamer.

Avast Ultimate 2020

  • Avast Premium security: advanced protection for PC and Wi-Fi network. Includes ransomware Shield to protect photos and files from hijacking, and webcam Shield to nip webcam spying in the Bud
  • Avast cleanup Premium: the ultimate PC junk Blaster. Speeds up PC’s in minutes with our advanced TuneUp tool, and enjoy convenient 1-click maintenance and automatic cleaning
  • Avast secure line VPN: privately browse, bank, and shop online with 256-bit, bank-grade encryption that hides activity from hackers, snoops, and Internet provider
  • 30 years of expertise protecting people’s data and devices. With a combine of years of experience with fresh innovation to create security that’s cutting edge

Anti Virus Summary​

Avast is a well known company that has provided security solutions for over 25 year. Because of this Avast has built a name of trust and reliability. Avast offer both free and paid solutions with a free password vault, therefore making it an excellent choice for individual protection.  Upgrading to paid versions is easy with numerous offering to suit a users needs.

The detection rate is on the wrong end of the software tested and so should be consider when making a choice. The free version and password vault ensures Avast makes the best anti virus 2020 summary.

Notable Inclusions

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Datplan – 2020

Datplan has been providing cyber security, fraud detection and data analysis services for over 20 years in the finance and insurance sector.