Data backups

Data and Hard Drive Backups

Data and Hard Drive Backups Data and Hard Drive Backups are an often an overlooked process that only feels needed once you lose your data. How many times have you lost work for someone to ask ‘Did you save it or back it up’?There are many benefits of data and hard drive backups to recover …

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Working From Home Guide

Working From Home Coronavirus Guide

Working From Home Survival Guide (Coronavirus) Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) much of the worlds workforce are working from home or preparing to work from home. Remote working can cause disruption and uncertainty for employers as well as a great deal of stress for their employees. Balancing work and childcare whilst isolating are just some …

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Corona Virus working from home

Corona Virus Home Working

Corona Virus and working From Home In wake of the Corona virus many companies are now implementing contingency plans for critical events. One such contingency plan is requesting staff work from home to avoid the spread of the virus. Whilst Corona Virus Home Working is a good measure to stop the spread this will also be …

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Internet of Things IoT

IOT Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things IoT)? The Internet of Things, or IoT are physical devices that transmit and receive electronic information. Known as ‘smart devices’ these things can be everyday object such as, Mobile phones, watches, media devices. Even a coffee machine or doorbell can make up the Internet of Things. Internet of Things IoT …

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Cyber security Best Practice

cyber security best practice

Recommended Cyber Security Best Practice A quick guide on cyber security recommendations and best practice. Helping keep your business safe online this summary guide gives 15 key areas to consider in a cyber security protection plan. While some are obvious many points are overlooked and become the weak link attacked by cyber criminals.   Use a …

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What is GDPR


What is GDPR? The need to know guide on GDPR compliance and Data Protection in the UK General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) governs how businesses process and handle data. This summary GDPR guide explains what GDPR means for companies and individuals   Europe is regulated by the world’s most strict data protection rules. …

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Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security Jobs

Start a career in cyber security With the increase in online threat there has been no better time starting a career in cyber security. With the increasing risk follows increased job opportunities and salaries that can be negotiated. Cyber Security Job qualifications and experience  Datplan’s blog post on cyber security careers helps students or those …

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What is a VPN

What’s a VPN

What is a VPN? Do I need one? VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’ and is away to encrypt, or secure, your data. This keep it safe whilst adding a privacy layer protecting your identity. VPNs were developed for companies and other relevant parties that needed to protect their sensitive information. Data sent over a …

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Best Anti Virus 2020

Best Anti Virus 2020

Best Anti Virus 2021 Summary 2020 is expected to be another year that reports increased cyber attacks. One of the fundamentals in Cyber Security is installing Anti Virus Software.  Below are listed some of the top anti virus software solutions along with, what they offer, summary, and any negative feedback.  Control your cyber threat, stay …

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Benfords Law Fraud Detection

Benford’s Law Fraud Detection

Benford’s Law for fraud detection are one of the tools used extensively by auditors and forensic accountants. With the rise in cyber crime Benford’s Law fraud detection reviews have proven an invaluable method. Due to most fraud and other transaction based crimes going unnoticed from months to years, early identification therefore is crucial. Failure to …

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