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As cyber crime increases in both volume and value so does the risk to companies. A result of this being that companies are now placing cyber security top of their priority list. Because of this need Datplan introduced their Cyber Control software.

Datplans Cyber blog posts aim to keep readers informed with best practice guides for security risk management.

Fraud detection which is another key factor in detecting Cyber Crime will be covered. Consultants, Expense managers and transaction review teams will benefit from the guides and software offered.

Risk management and Cyber Crime

How much do you spend on advertising? How much on Physical security? Cyber threats are 24 hours a day from global sources and will take what ever they find. Be it Bank details, client information or Intellectual property, your assets are worth money.

Budget for cyber security software and training!

Datplan offers Cyber software and publications allowing multiple ways to protect your company and business assets.


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