Watch Cyber Control In Use:

Fraud Detection

Cyber attacks come in many form and so require multi level security. Once such security method is fraud detection which catches transactions from the beginning thus before long term financial impact occurs. Watch the above videos showing Benford’s law and other fraud detection methods. 

Data Privacy and GDPR

Securing data and private information is a compliance must and failure in doing so can result in regulatory fines. Data breaches are on the rise and which not just cause financial impact but also that of a companies reputation. 

Cyber Risk Framework

Cyber risk framework covers the core ares of cyber security education which when effectively used safeguards companies. Datplans 8 point model gives the user a clear understanding allowing for best practice implementation. Using Cyber control software gives security in that all protection areas can be monitored. 

Cyber Risk Project Plan

Project plans are one of the best ways to implement and effective cyber defence. Cyber control comes with a 100 point plan which can be customised to a companies needs. Working from this plan allows for an immediate start securing a companies cyber security risk. 

Benford's Law
Fraud Detection
Data Privacy
System Review
Control Framework
Project Plan